REPR is a clothing repair service that offers a convenient way to repair your damaged clothes. Simply purchase a return satchel from our website, send us your damaged items, and we'll do the rest. Our skilled team will evaluate the damage and carry out the necessary repairs to extend the lifespan of your beloved clothing piece. Opt for sustainability by giving your clothes a second chance through our repair service, and prevent them from ending up in a landfill.

  • Tier 1

    Price: $20

    Repairs include:

    - Minor patching of rips

    - 1 x Zipper replacement

    - Upto 6 button replacements

    - Hem adjustments

  • Tier 2

    Price: $40

    Repairs include:

    - Adding or replacing eyelets

    - Collar replacements

  • Tier 3

    Price: $100

    Repairs include:

    - Major replacement of garment parts

    - Size alteration of whole garment

  • $25

    • Shorten a sleeve without cuffs
  • $35

    • Replace a zip
    • Replace an elastic waistband
    • Shorten a sleeve with cuffs

Looking for ways to recycle?

Discover our RCYCL Return Satchels. Send us your old clothes, packed in the satchels, and we'll recycle them into new yarn. It's an easy way to participate in circular fashion and know that you're making a positive impact.