The Benefits of Utilising RCYCL for your Old Clothes

The Benefits of Utilising RCYCL for your Old Clothes


As our environmental consciousness grows, we are increasingly aware of the impact of fast fashion and textile waste. While we strive to shop more sustainably and reduce our consumption of new clothes, it is equally important to consider what we do with the clothes we already have, that cannot be donated for a second life. 

Allowing RCYCL to look after your old clothes is one effective solution. Our platform helps to reduce textile waste by recycling clothes into new options for various industries.

Reduce Garments Going to Landfill

RCYCL keeps textiles waste out of landfills. When you utilise our service, they are sorted and recycled into new yarn. This helps to create a closed-loop system where textiles are continually reused, rather than being discarded after a single use. Did you know on average we only wear each item in our wardrobe only 10 times before we discard it?

Declutter Your Wardrobe

Sending your old clothes to RCYCL not only benefits the environment but it also helps to declutter your space. This is especially helpful for those looking to downsize or simplify their lives. Plus, knowing your unwanted clothes are being put to good use by RCYCL can bring satisfaction and purpose to decluttering.

Creates Jobs 

The recycling and repurposing of donated clothes into new textiles can create job opportunities in the textile industry. Furthermore, the creation of jobs in the textile recycling industry can help to revitalise local economies. Textile recycling facilities can be established in areas that have experienced a decline in traditional textile manufacturing, providing new job opportunities for individuals in the area.

Support Sustainable Fashion 

Donating your clothes to RCYCL supports sustainable fashion. By reducing the demand for new clothes, we can help shift the industry towards more sustainable practices.


Simply purchase a return satchel from our shop page to join this sustainable fashion movement.

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